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Shiny Souls are naturally bright, creative and aware. Even as children, we tend to be super responsive to everything, constantly absorbing, analyzing and adapting on many levels – emotionally, physically, psychologically, intellectually, creatively, intuitively, energetically, spiritually and psychically.

Most of us are never told that our acutely attuned and holistic experiences of life make us an insightful and essential part of humanity.

Because we were never taught to honor our inherent natures, we can easily be overwhelmed, hurt and exhausted and labelled as sensitive, moody, or difficult from a young age. Often, as we grow up, we harden or deny our softhearted and free-spirited dispositions in order to feel “strong” and “capable”.

Sadly, when we are compelled to disconnect from our Shiny Souls, we grow weak and fatigued, feel unproductive or useless, endure intolerable pain and exhaustion, and struggle to understand and accept ourselves.

 We suffer, not as a result of our super responsive experience of life but because we were never taught to embrace, nurture, protect and reveal the truth and beauty of who and what we are – Shiny Souls!

More and more people are experiencing a dismantling of our lives and health. We are heartbroken as we and others who are intelligent, beautiful people are floundering in the choppy waters of today’s unforgiving world rather than navigating our own seas with ease. We want more than anything to be able to contribute and feel well.

We struggle to know how to explore our uniqueness, soothe our fears, play to our strengths and feel fulfilled.

Often, our natural and healthy way of being has become a struggle because we and others unwittingly seek to change us. But, there is hope! We can flourish as we cherish our Shiny Souls through love and compassion.

When we learn to honor, rather than suppress our true selves, our lives can be rich with love, wonder, joy and peace. We can cultivate the knowledge, understanding, wisdom and grace that we crave. And, in doing so, extend those beautiful gifts to others!

The Shiny Soul Project is a place where we can share our hard-earned wisdom and help one another to:


Embracing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Acceptance. We commit to approving of and cherishing ourselves just as we are.

Nurturing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Care. We commit to treating ourselves with gentleness and compassion as we meet our needs.

Protecting our Shiny Souls is the practise Self-Respect. We commit to creating the boundaries and space we need to feel safe and well.

Revealing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Expression. We commit to living in accordance with our authenticity and Truth.

What is a Shiny Soul?

I suspect that because you have found yourself on The Shiny Soul Project site that you are, in fact, a Shiny Soul! But, in case you are not quite sure what that means, or if it applies to you, go ahead and decide for yourself. Keep in mind that the various parts of the list below are not exhaustive. They are simply a guide to understanding and identifying the various aspects of your complex and dynamic self a little better.

Are you super responsive EMOTIONALLY?

You’ve always been told or believed that you are too emotional and take things to heart.
You feel overwhelmed by empathy and compassion for the difficult emotions of others.
When you defend yourself or set boundaries, you beat yourself up over it, often for years.
Everyone unloads their problems onto you and seeks your advice and counsel.

Are you super responsive PHYSICALLY?

You are sensitive to sound, scent, light, temperature, emotions and chemicals.
You have food sensitivities, issues with digestion, and allergies.
You find it difficult to unwind from conversations and everyday life.
You startle easily and your muscles are riddled with knots and taut with tension.

Are you super responsive PSYCHOLOGICALLY?

You believe you are defective, weak and unfit to thrive in our chaotic world.
You berate yourself with ‘shoulds’, ‘shouldabeens’ and ‘couldabeens’.
You are constantly convinced that you are bad in some way, and unworthy.
You understand the complex issues and problems of others.

Are you super responsive INTELLECTUALLY?

You analyze and see the interconnections in large amounts of information with ease.
You find it difficult to remain silent in the midst of untruth and injustice.
You cannot think in terms of black and white, right and wrong or good and bad.
You prefer to formulate your ideas rather than express yourself spontaneously.

Are you super responsive INTUITIVELY?

You have a strong sixth sense and intuition about people.
You have an interest in or experience with intuitive healing abilities.
You see opportunities and possibilities where others can’t.
You often experience déjà vu and have vivid dreams.

Are you super responsive CREATIVELY?

You are most at peace when you are creating.
You see creativity as a means of uncovering, expressing and nurturing a deeper you.
You place a high value on the stillness and healing nature of being creative.
You are drawn to creating a meaningful life and seek out opportunities for growth.

Are you super responsive ENERGETICALLY?

You soak up the energy around you like a sponge.
You feel the pain and intensity of others as if it is your own.
You feel more energized when you can spend time alone.
You have unexplained and ongoing pain, exhaustion, fatigue and brain fog.

Are you super responsive SPIRITUALLY?

You sense that we, and all things, are One in love and compassion.
You have personal experiences with Spirit and rely on it to guide your life.
You know that your Soul’s purpose is to help heal the world.
You see the value in surrendering to the ebb and flow of life, as in nature.

Are you super responsive PSYCHICALLY?

You have had experiences with connecting to things beyond our physical world.
You see things like blue, silver and white flashes of light.
You able to hear, see, and feel things beyond our physical world.
You find comfort in knowing there is more to life than meets our five basic senses.

I am guessing you can relate to this list? And, you may be wondering how living with such uncommon, and often undervalued, circumstances and attributes is something to celebrate and be grateful for. I understand that sometimes being a Shiny Soul can be painful and disheartening.

For many, like me, a lifetime of not understanding and caring for our Shiny Souls can create health conditions, unhealthy relationships and difficult circumstances that rule our lives. We can end up feeling vulnerable, raw, exposed, burnt out, ungrounded, shut down, and debilitated.

That is why we must learn to accept and treasure our super responsive natures and the associated tendencies and gifts that are part of what make us unique and important in this world. We must learn to make our receptive, highly attuned selves work for us.

Although it is not an easy road, by accepting that we are on a journey of discovering and caring for our Shiny Souls, rather than believing we must fix ourselves, we can begin to feel okay and worthwhile. We can discover our worth, potential and power.

How can The Shiny Soul Project Help?

You can begin to truly understand how you perceive and interact with the world and how to reconnect to and care for your Shiny Soul. Once you learn to trust and listen to that voice and force within you, you can move forward in healing your body, reclaiming your life and remembering your purpose. You are a precious gift to this world. Know that.

You CAN live fully and fearlessly from your compassionate, understanding and generous heart. And, you CAN create an authentic life that is elevated by your wise, conscious and awakened being.

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    This sounds similar to the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) by Dr. Elaine Aron. Have you read it? It really helped me to identify why I was so sensitive and how to see it as an asset (and not a liability). The world is so much different for us, but our special gift of sensitivity can really help others. Here’s a link to her book on Amazon: She also has her own site:

    I learned a lot from her book and I now help my clients understand themselves better as a result. I applaud you for contributing to the self-acceptance of sensitive people. May you and your blog prosper and influence many! ♥
    – Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

    • says

      Oh yes, it must be 6 or 7 years since I was recommended that book. It was an eye opener for me as well 🙂 I found it offered a thorough clinical perspective on how a sensitive nervous system can affect a whole being. I am thinking of creating a resources section (doing this site bit by bit on my own) and would include Elaine’s work for sure. Have you read “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” by Peter A. Levine? It is a brilliant book about how to discharge energy from the nervous system in order to continuously self-heal. Made a world of difference for me in terms of beginning to release my body from the grip of Fibromyalgia!
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! It is wonderful to have connected with you on here. It is a nice coincidence because my last retweets were about HSP’s or should I say #HSPs 😀
      Best wishes for continued success with the work you do as a Freedom Coach Sandy!