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Hi Shiny Soul!

I invite you to contribute your Shiny Soul Wisdom to the Shiny Soul Project community, and beyond! I will be publishing submissions on The Shiny Soul Blog, and promoting them through social media. FUN! If we Shiny Souls reach out to one another with our beautiful, wise voices we can help each other to SHINE bright and THRIVE, despite our challenges!

To give each of you an added incentive to come out of your shell – I know you are in there! – each month I will be randomly selecting one contributor to receive a free digital download of my debut album as a singer~songwriter, “Child of Rhyme”. The sweet and gentle songs are like lullabies that soothe your soul. 😀

For some inspiration, why not enjoy the Shiny Soul Wisdom that others have shared! Read what has been published HERE!

You can share your hard-earned wisdom in two ways (see the simple submission forms below):

1. Blog/Story Style 

2. Interview Style

I encourage you to dig deep into the wisdom you have cultivated in your life. Use your unique ideas and voice to impact and inspire others as they learn and benefit from your experiences! But don’t worry about it being perfect. I will make sure your message is as sparkling as you are!

Sharing your Shiny Soul Wisdom is an opportunity to:

 REFLECT on the strides you have made in being your authentic self.

CLARIFY the miraculous impact that your decisions are making on your happiness.

ACKNOWLEDGE how far you have come rather than worry about how far you have to go.

CLAIM the wisdom you have gained and the shifts that are happening in your life.

CELEBRATE your beautiful journey rather than linger in feelings of futility.

ALLOW your wisdom to be of service to others.


I would love to know how you choose to EmbraceNurtureProtect and Reveal your Shiny Soul!

“Embracing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Acceptance. We commit to approving of and cherishing ourselves just as we are.

Nurturing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Care. We commit to treating ourselves with gentleness and compassion as we meet our needs.

Protecting our Shiny Souls is the practise Self-Respect. We commit to creating the boundaries and space we need to feel safe and well.

Revealing our Shiny Souls is the practise of Self-Expression. We commit to living in accordance with our authenticity and Truth.

~ Asetha 

I can’t wait to hear about how all of the changes that YOU are making have elevated YOUR life!

Shiny Soul Wisdom Submission - Blog/Story Style

  • Honoring Yourself

  • Giving Your Permission


Shiny Soul Wisdom Submission - Interview Style

  • A Little About You

  • Honoring Yourself

  • Giving your Permission


CONGRATULATIONS for sharing your hard-earned wisdom as a way of celebrating yourself and helping others!

AND REMEMBER, you can submit new content as often as you wish! Submissions can be chosen at any time (tomorrow, next month, a year from now) and published.

ONE MORE THING … If you have not already, be sure to sign up to receive The Shiny Soul Blog to see if YOUR Shiny Soul Wisdom has been published!

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