Notes of Grace

Hi Shiny Soul!

There are moments in our life when things shift and change for us. We experience insights, reprieves, epiphanies and peace. And that creates an urgency in us to share what we have received. We want everyone to have the same experience of opening up to a new level of well-being.

Grace can be defined as “the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful.” When we enter a state of grace we have an opportunity to affect others with our presence, our words and our hearts.

Please take a moment to share with other Shiny Souls how your experience of the Shiny Soul Project – whether it be through the Shiny Soul Blog, My Personal Story, Shiny Soul Sessions or Bowen Therapy – has allowed you to enter your own state of grace. Please share the ways in which you have been able to feel better and embrace your life a little more.

Your ‘Note of Grace’ can be as long or as short as you wish. Just write from your heart and know that your personal experience of healing will lead others to find their own. I will be sharing the beautiful notes I receive on The Shiny Soul Blog in order to inspire others. You can read other Notes of Grace HERE!

I dearly appreciate all of the feedback I receive and learn so much from everyone that finds their way to me. Shiny Souls truly are everywhere!

Love always,


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