“Child of Rhyme” is my debut album as a singer/songwriter. I’ve been told that it makes for peaceful and relaxing bed and bath time music for all ages and is a gift of beauty and solace for the soul.

Decide for yourself … 😀

Line by Line (Music and Lyrics by Asetha)


Sally Never Cries (Music and Lyrics by Asetha)


Trucking Along (Music and Lyrics by Asetha)


Learn more about when, why and with whom the album was created as well as read the full lyrics a little further down this page!

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Official Bio ~ Asetha ~ Singer/Songwriter

On her debut album, “Child of Rhyme”, Asetha (ah-sea-thaw) delivers beautifully original songs steeped in carefully crafted lyrics, playful melodies, and soul-stitched vocals. The result is a roots-based album with clear connections to folk, rock, country, pop and lullaby. This album has a child-like charm that is grounded and bold. Asetha’s voice, with an angelic quality most often compared to that of Alison Krauss, is spun with gold.

The charm of the east coast is quietly evident in such lyrics as “You were high on Jam Jams when you took my hand” and “Bronze the happy years; Mother singing Sonny’s Dream”. Having grown up in Newfoundland, Canada, where music and storytelling is in the blood, Asetha has been making music and writing her entire life. She spent her pre-school days singing along to her parents’ albums on her treasured Winnie the Pooh record player, complete with microphone.

Asetha wrote and recorded “Child of Rhyme” while living in Toronto and working as a research analyst for various federal government initiatives, including as one of the creators of The Homeless Hub, a web portal for research and best practices related to housing instability and homelessness. The emotional toll of her work, and her own homesickness, inspired Asetha to write songs that would create awareness of the kinds of issues that contribute to homelessness and help to heal her own heart.

While recording the album, Asetha experienced a personal health crisis – a flare-up of a previously diagnosed chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia – that forced her to step away from working, recording, and performing.“Child of Rhyme” conveys the universal precariousness of life, the inner strength we all have to carry on, and the simple importance of taking care of ourselves and each other.

It was as if Asetha’s songs were a prediction of what was to come and a celebration of the fortitude that would be her saving grace. Asetha could not be more humbled by the timelessness and beauty of each song and the musicianship, shared passion, and vision with which her debut album was achieved.  She is forever grateful to the talented musicians, shiny souls and gorgeous hearts that contributed to and inspired “Child of Rhyme”.


Asetha (Power) Viens ~ Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jason LaPrade ~ Producer, Sound Engineer, Dobro, Lap Steel, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Banjo

Murray Foster (Great Big Sea, Moxy Früvous) ~ Bass

Adam Warner (White Cowbell Oklahoma) ~ Drums, Percussion

Rosemary Phelan ~ Harmony Vocals

Tessa Lewis ~ Fiddle

Kris Viens ~ Photography

Ken Power ~ Logo Design

Heidi Schlitt ~ Graphic Art

Indiepool ~ Manufacturing


Lyrics ~ “Child of Rhyme” ~ Asetha

Walk On

~ Wisdom and faith

I. With his rolled up sleeves and hair a mess
He seemed a lot older than all the rest
I thought my my this guy’s a freak
All of his comments are tongue in cheek

He said on the road to nowhere
Not much makes sense
And no dear there are no promises
Walk on
Walk on
Walk with me

II. Minx was the name I opted to use
For the awkward man with pointed shoes
He had a strange big grin, shin loving pants
Scarred arched brows and a funny, funny laugh

Take me down with you tonight
Take me down. Make it all right.
Take me down with you tonight
Take me down, down, down…

III. He had a past of whim and heavy miles
I laughed with him but I loved a boy
In a mix of beer and poetry
He revealed to me the life I need

Line By Line

~ Misguided fancies

I. This lonely girl never took notes
Or read between the lines that you wrote
Nothing defined
And little declared
Your lyrics left me medium rare
I gathered you cared

Line by line I fell for you
Line by line the tension consumed
Line by line the plot ballooned
String lay loose

II. There was no love
Like the one you wrote
Just your little song
But I knew every note
Bought me with rhyme
And grinned ear to ear
Dirtied the debonair
Fair maiden ran scared

III. The song that I heard
Spoke all but my name
But our love story
Died on the page
Heart on my sleeve
Another soul bared
A vague song till somebody cares
Something is shared


~ Drunken love

I. Give me a new number
Take away the pain
Send me off to the moon
Fill my mind with perfect clues
Loose all the thunder
Clap away the rain
Shine the sun on razors
Plucked from Julia’s name

Pixie he calls me
You were drunk on cinnamon when I walked in
Jackson I tell him
You were high on jam jams when you took my hand
But we danced and by chance we’ve the hearts
That could never be apart

II. Tell me I’m no mother
I’m a child of rhyme
When the world shines on me
I’ll arrive by the rush of the sea

III. Shape the moon like putty
Reason with the mime
Searching for the words he feels
That take too long to find

Lemon Lime

~ Child sexual abuse

I. A pretty little sister
On a porch worn with time
Sat smiling with her uncle
He called her lemon lime

He’s the man
Though he was old
He could go
To the cages in her mind
To the places she would hide
Clean the mess
Off her gritty dress
Never get upset
Lemon Lime was loved the best
(Was all he had)
(Did what he said)

II. If she would keep his secret
He’d feed her sweetened wine
Curl her hair in flowers
Fill her head with lies

III. Nothing wasted in the silence
It never hurt to melt inside
Diluted with his poison
Silly strings replace her pride

Ease Back Little Horsie

~ Surrender and Grace

1. Looking back and ahead
The pressure is on
Everybody’s bettin’
Your best days are gone
So many choices
To lead you astray
Be fast on the track
Slow through the gate

Ease back little horsie
Break in your stride
Ride out in the country
Run and be wild
Ease back little horsie
Break in your stride
Break in your stride

II. Fightin’ the elements
Far too long
It rests in your back
Till your patience is gone
The crowd’s in a riot
Your mind breaks apart
Your pedigree’s
Not what it was

III. Heaven knelt down
And stood you up proud
You’re running strong
But your spirit’s bogged down
Poised for a fall
Leaving you lame
Kicked in the guts
Chalk full of blame

IV. There are no answers
Outside of one
Quiet your energy
Trust all is done
Take a load off your shoulders
The stress off your hips
Throw the jockey
Run for the hills

Sally Never Cries

~ Courageous mothers

I. Sally’s children play with clothes on the line
Their lives are not simple when tears fill their eyes
Mommy’s hurting. Daddy’s cold as beer
His best friend is misery and God is his fear

Sally never cries
Her babies have his eyes
They’re the riches she’s deserving of
They’re all she’ll ever need of love
Sally never cries

III. Sally Suckers in her puckered mouth
Her gifts from Jesus are sleeping sound
She eases her bones in the bathwater heat
Remembers her mother saying, “leave things be”


One day when he comes through the door
His steak won’t be ready and warm
Her girls won’t be what she’s become
Her boy won’t be hurting no one

Sorry Tears

~ Family, childhood, dreams

I. Dark angel lie on my shoulder
Tell me I’m older and wisdom is mine
Pretty baby cry for your mother
You look like your brother
Got your daddy’s eyes

Sorry Tears
Bronze the happy years
Mother singing “Sonny’s Dream”
Ego drowning me
The childhood dreams
Boyish tease
That make you
Claim you
Sorry tears
Bronze the happy years
And do it with sugar baby

II. Big daddy pat on your belly
Smoke on your pipe ‘til your nose is ripe
Little mama lost in karma
Let your heart break
Plan your crafty escape

From the top of my head to the tip of my toes
My love will be bold
My love will be bold
Nobody, nobody knows

Lullabies and Training Wheels

~ Beautiful baby girls

I. You’ll be big one day
Full of great big dreams
And I will be with you
As they come to be
I’ll work hard to give
The best to you
Help you with your homework
Talk after school

Darling Sleep
Mommy’s here
With lullabies and training wheels
Comfort through the years
Darling Sleep
Mommy’s here
With lullabies and training wheels
Comfort through the tears
(through the fears)

II. We’ll make scrapbooks of pictures
With journaling
I’ll tell you ‘bout my childhood
And my ‘shouldabeen’s’
I’ve learned many lessons
I hope you can avoid
Know that love is real baby girl
All the rest is noise

Streaming Down

~ Lost love, addiction

I. Lying in bed
Hiding my head
I wonder where he’ll come from
Trying to read
Ignore my need
But my heart believes in love
Hiding in the trees
Dipping with the breeze
My song hangs low
Sweet and slow

I’m still streaming down
His waiting face
He tells our friends that I
Just walked away
I’m still streaming down
His waiting face
But I’ll be damned if I go back to that place (face)

II. Dying to breath
A new story
I stare at faces passing
Beneath it all
I try to move on
But the mood is never lasting
Eyes o’er yonder
Lips pursed, I wander
Child and heart
Don’t know where to start

I’ll never go back
Walk arm in arm
I won’t be there when he goes off the road in his car
I’ll never go back
I said from the start
“I won’t be here to survive as you die in my arms”

Truckin’ Along

~ Guts and God

I. At seventeen I headed west
Abandoned friends forgot the rest
Had a troubled head I was too intense
My only friend lay in my pen
I found myself drinking two-timing gin
Living on cream cheese and wheat thins

There are good times and worse times
You can’t begin
You’re trucking along against the wind
Good times and worse times
Never end
Keep trucking along against the wind
Trucking along against the wind

II. The need for comfort grew too big
The propaganda was overwhelming
Be an Ottawa fed secured for life
Your mom’s little girl will be all right
(She said)
“Minimum wage is the island’s lot
With your education you deserve what you’ve got”

III. I moved home to The Rock
Left the mainland behind
I never did get what I went there to find
I longed to ease into life on the shore
Live alongside my family’s front door
I moved in with my high school king
(He said)
Let’s get married there’s a sale on rings

IV. It’s always surprising the effort it takes
Two steps forward then I put on the breaks
But in time I look back and always say
I’m further along, did a bit everyday
Bring on the struggles I’m tough and I’m loved
I’ll make my music, it’s what I’m made of

Angels Count the Beds

~ Personal poverty

I. Their stories told to an outreach nurse
Giving her time to preserve their worth
Those whose minds have had enough
Those whose eyes have seen too much
The homeless seared in all her thoughts
The lot they’re dealt is not their fault
Women abused flee with child
Senior citizens cannot get by

Under the bridge
Lives are left for dead
Over the wind
Angels count the beds

II. Housing is a crisis of today
Like the fight for oil and empty fame
Who decides who gets a roof
Do Maslow’s tiers not speak the truth
Government-funded NGOs
Balance the world stood on tipsy toes
Branded, cornered, put on a leash
Rollover! Sit! Good! Here’s your treat

III. We focus on the war abroad
The right to choose and marriage laws
While here within communities
Children live without basic needs
What is left for each proud man
When families are driven mad
It all comes back to politics
We’re one small check from missing rent

Human rights must steer this course. Take good care of your and yours


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