Self-Healing with Release Techniques

Years ago, when I was receiving weekly treatments for a longstanding flare-up of Fibromyalgia, my Acupuncturist made a comment that made little sense to me at the time, and pissed me off a little. He said, “You have to heal yourself, Asetha. I can’t do it for you.” It was painful to hear, and more than a little discouraging. “What the fickle farts am I paying you for then?!?!” was my first thought. In my heart, I was utterly discouraged as I felt like I’d tried everything already. My body filled with stress and dread at the thought of continuing to suffer for another decade, as I’d already been, despite my best efforts to heal myself. But, my whole being – my trusty inner truth contraption – knew without a doubt that he was right. My spirit was stirred that day. I decided I was going to figure it out. I was going to heal myself.

I’d already been eating well, affirming my positive intentions, taking appropriate medications, receiving gentle but effective physical treatments, resting, and pacing myself. All the things that Fibromyalgia sufferers try out of desperation, I was doing, religiously. What I had not yet discovered was the concept of clearing my own energy. That day, my Acupuncturist demonstrated some Medical Qi Gong movements that I could use at home to help with my recovery. That was my first introduction to the invaluable use of release techniques in letting go of the stuck, stagnant, heavy, low-vibration energy that compounds our pain.

When we understand and believe that each of us must heal ourselves, it becomes clear that we need the tools to do so. And, in order to benefit from them, we must draw upon them regularly and effectively. While receiving holistic care such as Acupuncture, Reiki, and other types of energy therapies is invaluable in coming through illness into health, an equally important aspect of this healing process is learning and using release techniques.

Release techniques could be considered the self-care component of energy medicine. They empower us to engage in an invaluable and necessary ritual of clearing our own energy, understanding our own blocks, cultivating our awareness and expanding into wholeness. If we are relying on others, and our external environment to heal us, make us happy, calm us down, decrease our fear, cure us and guide us, we are missing a fundamental part of healing.

In order to easily tap into a feeling of deep peace, strength and resilience that can only come from within we must develop the capacity to do that for ourselves. Otherwise we will continually seek out others to make this leap for us – grasping for someone to fix us. And, we will never grant ourselves the great gift of growing into the person, spirit and being that we long to become.

Practising a release technique can be as simple as breathing. Noticing our breaths, in and out, without forcing any sort of rhythm or depth is a key way of letting go of whatever we feel stuck or mired in any moment. Whether it is a physical ache or pain, a mental loop, an emotional weight, an existential longing, or any other feeling that does not allow us to flow, allowing our breathing to regulate naturally can help release the burden we carry. By paying attention to our breath – putting it at the forefront of our awareness – and allowing it to find its own equilibrium, our bodies, hearts, minds, beings and spirits will release what is stagnant and create movement around it. As the energy associated with it loosens we will naturally take a deep breath and release it. It can be that simple.

There are countless other techniques that are used to create a release such as Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, The Sedona Method, Healing Codes, Emotional Freedom Technique, Homeopathic Remedies, Prayer, Chanting, etc. In each case it is important that our intention be our guide. In others words, whatever technique we choose, we must always hold in our heart and minds, the one-pointed objective of love and harmony. Release comes from welcoming in and around us an expansive oneness that clears lower energies. In this way, we can be sure that we are protected and sovereign. We maintain our unique boundaries as energetic human beings even as we are opening up to releasing that which no longer serves our highest good. We are using the power of passive discernment (guided by the intention of love) to let go of what weighs us down and welcome into our presence that which is true to our highest potential and good, whatever that may be.

Each day we inevitably create blocks and stagnancies in our energy that run counter to our true desires. We unwittingly get in the way of our own happiness, health and vitality. We are in constant relationship with the energies around us and within us; acting out old patterns and reinforcing their hold on us. To continue moving forward, and creating new ways of being, thinking, feeling, sensing, understanding and seeing our world as it is and could be, we must be willing to clear our own energy. We must learn how to do that for ourselves and not rely solely on the assistance of those working in energy medicine and support if we are to fully recover from illness, pain, or discomfort of any kind.

Release techniques are absolutely necessary if we are to continually heal and renew our hearts, minds, beings, spirits and bodies. Just as we cannot have a chef prepare our meals each day (as lovely as that would be!) and instead must learn to nourish ourselves, we must also engage in caring for our energy systems. It must become as second-nature to ensuring our health and wellness as eating and sleeping. In this way, we can regularly clear out the debris of our days, histories, lessons, thoughts, behaviours, ideas and constitutions.

By employing our release techniques, we can come to recognize what our optimal energy space is; when we feel our best. And, we can identify what hinders and what nurtures the vibration at which we feel most invigorated and natural. With this knowledge and visceral understanding, we then know to what extent we must clear our energy in order to maintain our optimal frequency or level of expansion as often as possible. We can hone in on our ideal and occupy it. And our life can more easily unfold without the resistance and pain we once knew.

Our release techniques can become a personal practise that is sacred and ritualised. We can learn more about ourselves and what we desire out of life the more we engage in them. Each day can become filled with more possibilities. As we get in touch with our own power to be free from nagging thoughts, feelings, pain, confusion, fear – and other low energy frequencies – we can be encouraged by and lifted to new experiences of life. We can receive hope and a sense of divinity and grace. We can feel more fully supported in and capable of living life happily and with peacefulness.

Release techniques come in many forms. What is important is that we do one that feels authentic and powerful for us. One that opens our heart, alleviates our heaviness and gives us a sense of softness. And it must foster a deeper knowing within us; allow us to sense how the aspects of us are connected. How our minds, hearts, bodies, beings and spirits are all intertwined and how our souls are our guide to healing them all.

One important thing to remember about a release technique is that while it brings relief it is also a journey of discovery as we experience the highs and lows inherent in all energy patterns. In order to clear an energy pattern it must first be embraced and enhanced. The reach and extent and depth of it must become more apparent. As a result, we can feel as though the initial sensation has intensified and we are less in control of it. That is part of the process. It is like the movement of the ocean. Before a wave can crash on the shore, free and fluid, it must first be drawn back into itself, cresting, aching for release, before it receives it. During these experiences of deep clearing and release, we must remind ourselves that we are safe. These moments or periods of energetic adjustment are not to be feared but to be embraced. By allowing the process to unfold, noticing our unbridled breath, and focussing our loving intention we will always be the wave that finds relief upon the shore. And we will always be enfolded back into a beautiful sea of love; made new and whole once again.

Love always

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