The Words I Needed to Hear as I Suffered with Chronic Pain


From One Shiny Soul to Another


Your pain is intense

You feel tired and weak

But contending with your life

Makes you stronger than you think


You are a blessing to your family

And a treasure to your friends

Stop trying to get better

Start knowing this will end


The power that you hide

And the emotions that you hold

Can only stay inside

If you refuse to let them go


You wish to be the same

As everyone you see

But you’re a sweet and Shiny Soul

You’re what the world needs


Know it in your heart

Feel it in your skin

As the goosebumps rise

Hear the voice within


You are someone special

Your soul is ripe and old

Feel the love of All

In your pretty heart of gold


There will be an end

To the worries and the wants

The pressure that you’re feeling

Won’t always hold you down


Feel freedom in this moment

Love yourself throughout

Be the person that you need

Be the reason beyond doubt


Let go of all your dreams

They’re held in trust for you

They will never leave you

One day they will come true


In the time that is coming

In the space between the hills

Sit quiet in your knowing

You’re bravest standing still


There are many more just like you

Hummingbirds and chicks

Sweet little spirits

That know just what you miss


The freedom to embrace

Without your body seizing up

The sense of accomplishment

When you can work until you’re done


Cry out all your tears

Scream out all the rage

Pray for the people

That count you out and look away


Believe in yourself

That vision that you see

A happy, smiling, cheerful face

A body that is free


Within that little body

Beyond the veil of age

Are helpful little birdies

That will lift the pain away


Call upon them often

They are a part of you

Have faith that they are helping

It is what they look to do


They’re in love with your heart

And the sweetness of your mind

They see your perfection

And they want to help you shine


Tell them you believe it

You know inside of you

Is the universal song

Sung perfectly in tune


Don’t dwell in the madness

There is nothing there for you

The darkness found inside the folds

Can’t feed or blossom fruit


Your urgency must wane

Your fear must subside

The wave that you must ride

Is the hope that lies inside


Know that you are healing

There’s a whole inside of you

You may forget that it exists

But it has always been your Truth


Stop trying to be different

Don’t try to change

Don’t look to others

Don’t live in shame


There is nothing that hurts you

That you cannot release

If forgiveness will save you

Then forgiveness it shall be


You are not your anger

You are not your rage

You are not depression

You are not the pain


That is a covering

A patchwork quilt

That dampens your true self

Your essence and your will


All of your searching

And longing to be well

Can be left in a suitcase

Drowned in a well


Know you are healed

Know you are One

Know that no evil

Has struck or has won


This is your healing

Your worries undone

This is the moment

When you understand love


There is no suffering

There is no pain

That can ever destroy you

You will always remain


Flow with your vision

Hold it inside

Be all the things

That bind you to light


Rest when you’re weary

Eat as you like

Fill up your body

With the stars of night


Seek in your spirit

Find in your breath

The loosening of

The reins at your back


The riddle you’re writing

Can never be solved

With a mind full of answers

To a rhyme without cause


Stop all of your figuring

And the exhaustion involved

One day you’ll see

There’s a point to it all


But you’ll never find it

Inside the cage

All of your focus

Must be outside the pain


Gaze at the sight

Of a simpler day

When your pain is no longer

Your judge and your way


See the details

Feel the rays

Know that the sun

Still shines on your days


Sacrifice nothing

Don’t drop to your knees

Stand as you are

Let Love Be


You are your heart

You are your soul

This is the truth

You’ve always known


Love always,


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