Three Ways to Free our Shiny Souls

Today, my son Everett is 16 months old. And, I am 16 weeks pregnant! Everett will be welcoming his new baby sister or brother in December. My husband and I don’t like to find out the gender in advance because we love to revel in the anticipation! Our first ultrasound is coming up on July 23rd but everything is already very real. We have heard the galloping heartbeat and I am quite round. Also, I am super hungry for cheese, cheese and more cheese, please 🙂

I am relieved to be free from the first trimester of pregnancy. For me, it is a trying time. I am cranky, restless, sad, queasy and tired. I was the same way when I was pregnant with Everett. It is just how I respond to all the shifts of Mind, Body, Spirit, Being and Heart that growing new life requires.

Being pregnant has made me think more about the unseen sources that have always assisted me through the difficult times – mainly, the throes of chronic pain, profound loss and devastation that I found myself navigating in recent years.  There are three major flows of magic that have always protected and shielded me as I’ve lived the harsh, moment-to-moment reality of pain and suffering. Once again, I turned to them, and felt comforted by them, in pregnancy.

Most of us, at some point in our lives, find ourselves withering or drying up. Our hardened state may be triggered by a traumatic event, profound loss, prolonged stress or even an awesome awakening. We feel like we are burnt out and have nothing left to give. Often, at those times in our lives we either take the next step in the evolution of our soul (nestled inside a human form), or we become jaded, angry, withdrawn and reclusive.

The choice is always ours. During difficult times, we either grow into or shrink from the immense potential of our Soul.

While it is not easy to come back from devastation in life – the squashing of our dreams, the loss of loved ones, the challenges of failing health – the tools to do so are always ready and waiting for us to notice their call. They are like three beacons of light; three uplifting angels.

Creativity, Intuition and Inspiration are all any of us ever need in order to access the deepest parts of ourselves and give rise to what will make us feel whole, revived and alive.


Think of creativity as a way to mine your experiences, beliefs and actions. You can dig as deeply as you wish into the universe that is you and your life. You can unearth all kinds of unhelpful/hurtful crap and get rid of it. You can find perspective, clarity and understanding. You can grow into your own voice and true heart. You can share with others what you have learned and been through. You can create beauty and truth amidst what can sometimes be a lonely, hard-edged, hateful world. You can see beyond your hurt to the ways in which your life is moving you forward. You can make something worthwhile out of your pain and misery. You can choose to re-imagine all that has happened to you and make it into a map of wisdom that can lead you along your way.

Creativity unleashes our soul’s expression. We can be dark, light, colorful, simple, complex, obvious or layered with our creations. Creation can be cooking. It can be wearing clothes in a way that suits the inner you. It can be expressing ourselves through piercings or tattoos. It can be keeping a journal. It can be planting a tree. It can be walking along a wooded path and noticing that every leaf is waving at you.

Creativity is everywhere and inside of everything. It is life itself. And it is always, irrevocably available to you. Use it. And don’t ever be ashamed of the creative force that is you and is available to you at all times. Without creativity we are shells of ourselves. We cannot unearth the depth of our beings. We absorb whatever comes our way but we don’t make something new from it and bring it forth into the world. Create with all your senses. Create with your heart and know that whatever it is you are making is beautiful. It serves you and your soul as you discover what speaks to you in this big world of options, choices and quests.


Intuition is the unending, all knowing, wise source of you. It is the kernel of expansive knowing that is at the core of each of us. We may think that our intuition comes from all the experiences we have had, like a wise old bird that has seen it all and knows it all. But, intuition is more elusive and all-encompassing than that. Part if it comes from our reptilian brains – the instincts that alert us to danger and potential hazards. It is this great unconscious reasoning ability that keeps us alive. But intuition is most often not informed by our experiences. In fact, the younger we are the more we can and do access our intuition with ease because we don’t have our thoughts getting in the way.

Intuition is always there. We were born with it. It is a connection to our soul and the soul’s of others. It is a guidance system like a GPS that tells us which way to turn next when we have no idea where we are going.  Intuition can dig us out of the deep holes that we create with choices and decisions we’ve made based on our rational thoughts and accumulated fears. And, in accordance with what others think is best for us. Intuition can only ever lead us to the exact right thing. In any moment that we choose the path of intuition, we’ve created an opportunity to experience our purpose and engage with our whole and happy selves.

While following our intuition is a skill we often abandon about the time we decide to become an “adult”, it is something that can never go away. It is there waiting for us like a faithful dog. Cheryl Driskell, the President of the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development (CSNSD), shared with me an excellent trick that can help us to follow our intuition. She refers to it as QALTA. This stands for Quiet. Ask. Listen. Trust. Action. The hardest part isn’t hearing our intuition, but trusting in it and taking action. Life flows with more ease as we learn to listen to that little voice faithfully. Life takes unexpected, delightful turns. We feel more real, present, soulful and peaceful than we could ever have imagined was possible.


We all need that special thing or person that keeps us moving forward. Whatever it is, it has to be something or someone that rings true at the depths of our hearts and souls. For me, my inspiration has always been respecting the love and wisdom Mudder gave to me. It has always been my intention to embrace, nurture, protect and reveal the beautiful, loving and limitless soul that she gave birth to. Often, I‘ve gotten off track in this endeavour, but the inspiration that has always brought me back to my truth is Mudder. I’ve always wanted to be true to me in order to honor the gifts of life and unconditional love she gave me.

What inspires you? Is it having an adventurous life? Is it having a quiet, supportive family life? Is it both? Is it creating a Foundation? Is it teaching? Is it being true to your artistic sensibilities? Is it carrying a message of peace on earth?  Is it doing your part to save the environment? Is it bringing light to your extended family and healing generational familial wounds? Is it your kids, your grandmother, your spouse? Whatever and whomever it is, listen to that inspiration. Know that it is your guiding light. It is there for a reason.

Inspiration keeps you going even when things are hard, tough and trying. It is that part of you and your existence that feels so true, loving and beautiful that you would do anything to make sure you honor it. Don’t ever feel that it is foolish or childlike to follow your inspiration. It is always there to ensure your heart is present in all that you do. And nothing can lead us more directly and purely to our soul’s peace than the heart.

Creativity allows us to find our voice, release what does not serve us and engage with our purpose.

Intuition guides us step by step.

Inspiration catches us when we falter and allows us to rise to the occasion.

All three are instrumental in the recovery, revitalization and renewal of our deepest selves.

During the many years that I was incapacitated with Fibromyalgia, it was CREATIVITY, INTUITION and INSPIRATION that guided me through it and out the other end. Without creativity I could never written and excavated through the pain and hurt to the truth and beauty of my soul. Without intuition I would never have pursued the obscure healing modalities that helped me to recover my health and wellness. Without inspiration, I could never have allowed life to unfold after the loss of my beloved Mudder.

These three mysterious, deeply felt forces of the soul – CREATIVITY, INTUITION and INSPIRATION – have given rise to the beautiful, healthy, and soul-satisfying life I now enjoy. Today, after years of debilitation, I marvel at the astonishing act of creation, intuition and inspiration that is my growing family 😀

Love, love, love always,



  1. Jason LaPrade says

    This is a really beautiful post, Asetha. I particularly appreciate the reminder that creativity is everywhere – not just when we’re strumming an instrument or writing or painting. I also need to determine what inspires me and learn to listen to my intuition a little more. All these things are so important.

    Thanks for sharing your love and creativity with the world.

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