New Shiny Soul Session Options ~ Booking for June!

Hi everyone,

I am so grateful for all of the kindness you have shown me this year as you happened upon The Shiny Soul Project and decided to embrace it. I will admit it was a great struggle for me to allow myself to be vulnerable, open and forthcoming about my personal experience of pain and loss and my hopes and intentions for the future.

While I felt divinely guided to share my story and create The Shiny Soul Project, the thought of it terrified me. And it has continued to be scary and trying. I have been stretched in so many ways. Still, I have continued to trust that putting my story out there would free me from it and help others. And guess what, it has, in many ways!! 😀 I have never felt more whole, healthy, and at peace. And I have to thank you for giving me the courage to continue.

I have a ways to go in asserting myself and continuing to embrace the callings of my Shiny Soul. But, more and more, I am able to get beyond my fears. Your warmth, and willingness to share with me the impact my words and presence have had on you and your life, inspires me to continue. I have connected with so many of you from all around the world. In a very short time, we have bonded even as we live our lives in places as far flung as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and Romania. The internet can be a great refuge, source of connection and world of awesome possibility for Shiny Souls.

I feel blessed to be able to continue with this work as it evolves overtime, thanks to what you bring to it. And, I think the year ahead is filled with possibilities and promise. I am committed to allowing myself to receive the gifts that unfold. Mostly, I want to hear more of your stories. I hope that you are able to find the same sense of freedom I have by sharing your special and hard-earned wisdom. As you know, I love to post your Wisdom on the site and share it over social media in order to help others and let them know they are not alone. You can read what others have contributed HERE!

I see good things for The Shiny Project. And, in light of what I sense will be a year of expansion and change, I want to be sure I am grounded and ready for all of the challenges and opportunities to come. For this reason, I am choosing to create even more stability and space in my daily life. Like many of you, I was stretched to my limit for most of 2014. My whole heart, being, mind, spirit and body were rocked and rolled. It was a year of profound shifts, painful realities and deep insights. I am grateful for the perspective and grace that 2014 yielded and am excited to see how it all feeds into this coming year. I know it is sure to be one of impact, service and truth – for all of us!

I don’t know about you, but  2015 has already felt less frenetic, uncertain and scary than any given moment of 2014 did. I look forward to the calming influence of this coming year and want to reinforce my intention to stay in a gentler, more receptive flow. And so, I have made some definite decisions about how I will spend my days

I made the conscious decision to continue to be a stay-at-home parent to my son, Everett, after he turned one year old on March 5. It feels good to be in a place of well-being and be able to choose to be at home rather than be relegated to it, due to ill health. My heart calls me to be here for my son as he develops his humanness. He is so silly and fun and magical! I want to do all I can to give him a great introduction to this world. And, to experience it anew through his eyes. I am focussed on being the present mom that I know he chose and needs me to be.

This does not mean I won’t continue to work! I am not abandoning The Shiny Soul Project! I have just decided to be more mindful of HOW I work. That means setting aside focussed time and energy for specific endeavours. As I am expanding into new possibilities for the Shiny Soul Project (one of which is offering Bowen Therapy – yipppeee!), I want to make sure I set limits for the various pieces. In my experience, if I leave everything open-ended, I will get swamped, and accomplish very little. And, inevitably, the clutter in my mind will distract me in my precious moments with Everett.

As the Shiny Soul Project is really an extension of my life, heart and soul it is hard to draw those lines in the sand. But to be healthy and happy, I know I must. I have decided to limit the number of Shiny Soul Sessions that I am offering. My intention is to offer 15 hours of Sessions each month. That may not seem like many, but considering the time, energy, presence and intention they require, I feel it is a reasonable amount for me to commit to. I will offer more, if possible, depending on what else is happening with the Project.

I have received feedback that shorter Shiny Soul Sessions as an option would be great, especially when you have already have had a longer Session and just want to check in with your deepest self. And so, I now have three options for you: 30-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute Sessions. I hope this really meets your needs well. Thank you to everyone that has received Shiny Soul Sessions. I really enjoy hearing how they make a difference in your life! That is what keeps me going.

I hope that the reduction in the amount of time I will be spending each month doing them is understandable. I am sure you can relate to how difficult it is to make time for the many people and activities that we hold dear and help us to be our whole and happy selves. And, given the shorter time options, I should be able to fit in many Sessions. It should all work out loverly! Right now, I am booking for June. So get ’em while they’re hot!

My hope is that this change will allow me to devote more concentrated time to being of service, creating new offerings, and having meaningful interactions through The Shiny Soul Project. And spreading the word about how significant and worthwhile we truly are!

Thanks so much for being part of The Shiny Soul Project. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, just hit reply. I am here 🙂

As always, love always,



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