Grace with Kerri Anthony ~ Bowen Therapy and Multiple Traumas

This is a wonderful Note of Grace I received from Kerri Anthony about how Bowen Therapy allowed her to find some relief and comfort when she was suffering greatly due to a series of traumatic events.

It takes a great deal of courage and strength to continue on through such adversity and pain. Kerri demonstrates the importance of never giving up and the resilience of our spirit. Thanks so much Kerri for sharing your story! Sweet dreams 😉


Bowen Therapy and Multiple Traumas ~ Kerri Anthony

In a little over 3 years I have had a moose vehicle accident, I was struck by a car while walking down the street, I was in a head-on collision, and I have had two knee surgeries, one of which was a complete ACL reconstruction. As a result of all this trauma I was left with back, hip, shoulder, leg and joint pain. This pain has also caused me to have severe insomnia due to any movement during sleep triggering the pain and waking me up multiple times each night.

I have tried everything including physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, medication and exercise to help alleviate this pain. While these treatments helped me manage my pain symptoms to a degree, any much needed restorative sleep alluded me for almost 2 years. Often during this time I would go 4-5 days on less than 8-10 hours sleep.

It wasn’t until I started seeing Asetha for Bowen sessions did I begin to feel that I could get on the road to recovery.  During my first session I wasn’t sure if I would feel anything at all afterwards because it was so gentle. But as soon as we were done I felt a difference. I was a little queasy for 2 about days but as Asetha explained to me it was my body getting rid of the toxins that were causing me problems.

I will never forget my second session, because it was like a little piece of heaven. As Asetha was doing the Bowen I fell asleep on the table complete with a big pile of drool! After snoozing for way too long, I woke up and sleepily headed home. That night for the first time in over a year I slept more than 8 hours.

I have been seeing Asetha on and off since that time and my pain symptoms and insomnia have improved dramatically. I can honestly say it has been the only treatment that has made a big difference to my daily life. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Asetha for all her help!


Kerri Anthony


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