What is Holding you Back from Growing into your Potential?

Imagine growing a majestic maple tree in a 6-inch pot on your windowsill. Not sensible right? Yet, most of us are like a maple tree stuck in a teeny pot. Although we feel the power of possibility at our core – sense our birthright to become our highest, greatest good – our growth is often threatened, and stunted, by the limits we place on our lives. We yearn to blossom, grow and reach for the sky. But, we stay small, abandon our potential, and we don’t know why. It is one of the most painful experiences we can have because we feel it in our Soul.

Even a small house plant will die if not transplanted to accommodate its potential. Trust me, I know. My green thumb is a humble one. I inherited all kinds of plants from Mudder when she passed away and it has been sad to watch some of them die. I had felt that I was giving them all the care they needed. But it eventually occurred to me I wasn’t. When their roots filled the containers they were in, and had nowhere else to grow, the plants withered.

While I wanted my plants to stay the same, and fit neatly in the areas of the home where I’d positioned them, they were meant to grow bigger, flower, take up space, refresh the air. In time, their inability to continue growing, and fulfill their potential, killed them, completely. The will to live and thrive became an end for them.

We are like that. Whatever our innate capacities, our childhood dreams, our unique yearnings, they must be given the opportunity to take root and continue taking root for as long and as far and as randomly and beautifully as they must. Otherwise, we die off a little in each moment.

In my own life, I have learned the hard way that growth is a delicate process, which we must handle with care. And I saw that same truth of transformation in Mudders’ plants. Even once I learned to transplant them, they often died anyway. At first, I felt that I had broken their spirit by keeping them small for too long. But, in time, it occurred to me that I was not gentle enough during the process of allowing for new growth.

I did finally learn to transplant them with ease and care – I would say Mudder is proud 🙂 I disturbed my plants very little. I gave them encouraging words. Ha! Ha! And, I made sure that while each plant was adjusting to its new pot, its surroundings were the same and it received extra nourishment. Similarly, as we expand into our capabilities, we must do so in a loving, nurturing way.

With any change in our lives, comes uncertainty. And, often, our momentum seems to outrun us and we panic. Our fears rise up because we can’t see what it all means; what is next for us. And that is the point where we tend to throw the gains we have made away; we work against ourselves. We must remind ourselves that we don’t need to grow and change all at once. In fact, we can’t. Just ask a plant! 😀

We can create small changes, notice how they make us feel, and build from there. If we remain patient, and take care of ourselves, we can ease into our growth. We can learn to rest in the uncertainty and allow changes to take root naturally and deeply, with very little effort. Eventually, we breathe easier because we no longer stifle ourselves, and others in our lives, for the sake of false safety. And, we no longer desire to make changes that won’t last. We sense that we are freer than we have ever been and our potential has no start or end. That is the beauty of growth.

In your life, what is one thing that keeps you struggling inside a tiny pot that does not feel meant for you?

What are your confines?

What would it take to break through them and allow yourself the natural course of growing into your Shiny Soul?

What are those thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that hold you back from feeling the sun on your face and the wind at your back?

Ask yourself, how can I give myself room to grow?

I would love to know what you come up with. I love chatting with you about how we can blossom into the vastness of our Shiny Souls. It is so fun to support each other in doing so!

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Take it easy. Go with the flow. Change one thing that niggles at you and watch the magical ripple effects. No matter what happens, trust and know that you are doing the best you can. And before you know it, you will want an even bigger pot, or maybe a grassy field, to grow into.

Love always,


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