A Treatment for Fibromyalgia that Truly Heals!

I wish I could tell everyone with Fibromyalgia, or any health condition, about Medical (Homeopathic) Heilkunst. At the same time, while I know it works, I also understand that we each have to come to things in our own time, in our own way. And, healing has to be a personal journey, led by OUR soul. Only we can know where our answers lay.

Still, I feel like I have to share at least some of my experience with how Heilkunst has helped me in case there is someone out there, like me, who has suffered endlessly, tried everything, and searched everywhere for an answer. I hope there will be someone that Heilkunst will resonate with; someone who will look it up, learn about it, and start on a journey of peeling back all the pain that is obstructing their Shiny Soul.

Heilkunst Homeopathy is the most comprehensive, tailor-made, affordable and effective treatment I have found for Fibromyalgia.

Not long after my first child, Everett, was born in March 2014, my symptoms of Fibromyalgia flared up like a torch. Before that, the last time I had flared up was on the first anniversary of my mom’s (Mudder’s) death, in January of 2013. I consider myself fortunate that at this point in my recovery only VERY stressful times (whether they be happy or sad) trigger my underlying predisposition to surface.

When my flare up started to brew, I knew right away to make my Heilkunst appointment. Because of my past experience with it, and the way it has brought me through flare-ups, it gives me the comfort of knowing I have something to turn to when things get rough.

The onset of a flare-up is an awful reality to contend with, but knowing that I could turn to Heilkunst to get through it gave me the mental fortitude I needed. I knew Heilkunst would work. I could never say that with any other treatment I’d tried.

The night before I took my homeopathic remedy, I could barely check my email because my head filled with pressure and pain when I sat up straight and my fingers ached as I typed. Breastfeeding Everett had caused my spine to sear with pain. Every inch of me had felt mournful and frightened as the misery coursed through my nervous system.

The morning after my treatment, I was able to sit at my computer and write a blog. And breastfeeding was no longer painful. Also, I was able to take Everett in his stroller out for a 2.5 hour walk through the rugged, wooded trail near my home.

Don’t get me wrong, Heilkunst is not a magic trick. It does not heal in short order. You won’t go in on a Monday and be cured by Friday. Getting to this point where a remedy can blast through the flare-up in one night is a place of health I had to work toward. I was committed. I first discovered Heilkunst in the fall of 2010. While I did find immediate alleviation of aspects of my suffering – and it did help me to heal deep, untapped aspects of myself right away – it was still a process to get to where I am today. It is not a fast fix.

In my experience, the first year and half of my treatment was sporadic. Mudder had been diagnosed with cancer and was having chemotherapy treatments. My dad was struggling with some issues that we later discovered were indications of early-onset Alzheimer’s. I had just been married. I was learning a healing technique called Bowen Therapy. I had a lot going on. And, I was still stuck in old patterns of overextending myself to my detriment. In any case, I pursued treatments here and there.

Fortunately, I had already been doing the regimental things that Heilkunst suggests for anyone healing from anything. I nurtured my spirit by being in nature, reading books about healing. and meditating. I ate according to the Blood Type Diet. I did light exercise. I worked on my thoughts. All of the things that boost your body’s ability to heal itself, I did.

What was new was the Sequential Therapy that I engaged in. Essentially, on my first visit to the Heilkunster (LOVE that word!) I mapped out all of my pivotal life experiences. As I was instructed, I started from present day and traced everything back to birth. I included traumas, injuries, breakups, medications, medical procedures and surgeries – anything and everything that might have impacted and dampened my life force by weighing heavily on me.

One by one, I was given remedies to clear away any residual energy from those experiences, including the emotional impact. Because I seemed to have had a lot of such experiences, it took a while to work through them all. But each time I did, I regained some of my vitality and vigor.

Each remedy you take is like doing a deep clean of your closets. First, you have more of a mess than you began with, but after you are done, everything is neat and tidy. And, you feel SO MUCH BETTER!

Mind you, I squandered much of the energy I was gaining trying to manage the unmanageable in life. I did not have the perspective needed to cherish it and allow it to take root and blossom. But, I did regain it. And, it gave me hope. Still, my long history of flare-ups had created unhealthy patterns of all or nothing and I was constantly in a state of overdrive or broken-down. My life was highs and lows – far too intense for my inherently gentle nature to contend with. It was some time before I came to my senses and saved all of my newly accessed energy for me, and my recovery.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that I really dove into devoting myself to Heilkunst. At that point my Mudder had passed on to continue her life in spirit. I’d spent that spring grieving, writing and gently exercising to get me through. I allowed myself to do whatever I had to in order to embrace life again. I did not feel like engaging in regimented healing. Instead, I watched seagulls outside my window for hours. I listened to sweet messages from Mudder that seemed to whisper through the ether. I helped Dad get settled into a retirement center and cleared out our family home. I stepped away from any sort of professional healing modality, preferring to listen only to my soul’s callings. I was suffering through the grief but I felt a deepened connection to spirit – my beloved Mudder – and cozied up into the warmth of that blessing.

That summer, having completed my Sequential Therapy, I took remedies for what is called a Miasm. I would explain Miasms as being like your DNA. Rather than carrying a gene for a health condition, in Heilkunst you are said to carry the Miasm. Basically, it is an energy you are born with (everything is energy afterall) that was passed along in your lineage. While there is no guarantee it will ever become a fully realized disease in your physical body, it is always there. The shocks and traumas of our lives, as well as how we care for ourselves, are what can bring it to the surface and force us to seek help for our health conditions.

While there are a number of Miasms, the one that had been pestering me for years – presenting itself as symptoms of Fibromyalgia – was Lyme. Now, this does not mean I have Lyme disease, which is caused by a bite from a tick. No, it simply means that I carry the energy of Lyme as a Miasm that was triggered and exacerbated by various shocks and traumas over the course of my life.

Focusing on clearing that Miasm unleashed the self-healing genie in me! I shouldn’t joke about it being something magical though because it is a scientific fact that we, our immune systems, heal us. While we can do things to speed the process or ease the symptoms, when healing does occur, it is our body that is responsible whether it be cuts, bruises, broken bones, colds or cancer. We should never kid ourselves into thinking that anything but our body is doing the healing. We just need to make sure the body has what it needs to heal. For me, that was the wonderful Lyme remedy.

The healing was so deep and lasting that it set me down a whole new path. I had a visceral, potent experience of my body’s ability to heal itself when the layers are lifted. Fibromyalgia no longer restricted my life because I had an ally in managing it. I could live with peace and wellness again and grow into the life meant for me like I had never been able to before.

I could go on and on about how Heilkunst helped to give me my life back, but mostly I write this in hopes that you take that first step in getting your own life back. Hopefully, from my experience, you can know that it IS possible.

Trust me, I was sicker than sick, for years. It was BRUTAL. And I am not anymore. I might have a flare-up from time to time during very difficult times in my life but I am on my way out and it does not get me down anymore. I want that for you! For EVERYONE!!

If anyone is interested, I can write more about my experiences with Heilkunst in the future. For now, I just wanted to make sure I put the word out, in case anyone is ready and wanting to take a leap into true healing. Also, here are some resources for you would like to learn more:


DYNAMIS HEALTH CENTER ~ the humble place that I go to in St. John’s, Newfoundland

The neat thing about Heilkunst is VERY ACCESSIBLE. It can be done remotely. If you do not have a Heilkunster in your area, you can have appointments over the phone or Skype and have your remedies sent to you by mail. AWESOME!

If you have any questions, just let me know. I would be happy to help!


Love always,




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